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Azzam – The best falafel this side of Arabia

Last night I took my brother, who is visiting me in Berlin, to our favourite Arabic restaurant and as usual we were not disappointed.

We chose the Musabaha (which I like to describe as a deconstructed houmous) and a falafel plate. This is all served with a pile of flatbreads, a plate of pickled turnip (the acidity of which is just amazing), fresh mint, raw onion, sliced tomato and little olives and extra tahini.

What I love about this place is that everything is so fresh. No stale, powdery falafel that has been sitting around all day, you see them make everything from scratch and cooked with flair, (one of the guys there is really a character).

My brother thought it was the best falafel he had ever tasted, and the Musabaha is a creamy, chickpea treat, which although follows the same ingredient list as houmous, has a completely different texture and taste and is served warm. I’ll try it myself soon and see how it goes!

The perfect way to munch on this feast is to tear open a flatbread, spoon in some of the Musabaha, falafel, pickles, mint and onion, top with some tahini and you have yourself a little piece of heaven.

Azzam is awesome, so if in Berlin you must go. Cheap and tasty and reflects the multicultural nature of this city and the fact that the best cuisine Berlin has to offer is often not German at all.

Azzam,54 Sonnenallee, Berlin.


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