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I’m Sam, aka ‘chops’. I’m in Berlin and I love food.

Food has always been an obsession and having moved to Berlin almost four years ago, I’ve been introduced to all kinds of food experiences. Some may scoff at the notion that Germany could offer such culinary delights, but I assure you it has. Yes, I’ll admit, German fare is not always so inspiring but Berlin is a little different. This city is a melting pot of travellers from all over the world. From Norway to Australia, they are here.

And what does that mean? FOOD!

Berlin has shown me a fantastic mix of culinary heritage, which is why I’ve become even more excited about food in the last couple years. The friends I’ve met here  have broadened my food horizons (along with extensive youtubing of food Gods such as Rick Stein and Keith Floyd). I’ve learnt heaps, from Spanish, Iranian, Texan to Vegan cuisine and it’s amazing.

So this blog is my way of celebrating all they’ve taught me and, perhaps, even something I’ve taught them. Plus the ramblings of anything I have recently eaten/cooked that I think is worth mentioning.

So here goes I guess! Thanks for taking a look.

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